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Victory has over 53 years of research, development and manufacturing experience in the alternator industry. We have made heavy capital investments in facilities, technology, equipment and human resources that have broadened and deepened our capabilities:

■  State-of-the-Art R&D Capability.

Our superb quality starts from the ground up as we design and manufacture in house nearly all of the machine, tooling and fixtures that are required for building our products. We have a research and design team of engineers with close to 350 years of cumulative technical experience – at Victory. This pool of knowledge is why our quality has remained stable since our first alternator was released into the market in 1966.

Furthermore, our research and design team is capable of all aspects of alternator design, including original design of IC chips and MCU software solutions for regulators. Thus, we can easily modify all types of samples based on customer requirements. Victory has extensive mechanical resources as well, including design and manufacture of its own clutch and decoupler pulleys.  As a result, we are able to offer many technically complex, late model alternators for the aftermarket.

■  In House Manufacture of Components.

Many alternator manufacturers purchase the vast bulk of their components from outside suppliers and assemble them for sale. In contrast, Victory designs and manufactures over 80% of our components in house and carefully selects its subcontractors for those few parts not made in house. This allows us to remain flexible enough to avoid delays associated with outsourcing and more importantly, ensures our quality remains consistently high.

■  OE Standard Testing Equipment.

We maintain an array of in house, state-of-the-art, OE standard testing machines that maximize our 53 years of research, design and manufacturing experience.  In fact, Victory has designed its own in house, computer controlled testing facility that incorporates multiple parameters for extensive life and environmental testing of its units.

■  In Process Quality Control.

Unlike many alternator manufacturers, Victory begins the quality control process during the production phase rather than after it. Victory's production personnel are trained to inspect its alternator products at each phase in the manufacturing process before the final quality control check is made and advanced testing procedures are implemented. Through over 53 years of experience, Victory has perfected this process and has been able to offer its aftermarket customers a high OE level quality. Victory has been recognized for its superb quality through several notable awards, including the Award of Excellence for Factory Performance from the Taiwan Ministry of Economics and the Award for New Product Development from the Chinese National Federation of Industries.

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