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Victory Industrial Corporation was founded in 1966 by Mr. Si-Ling Tsao with a focus on high quality, along with competitive pricing and excellent service. Since then, Victory has developed several hundred models of alternators for many different types of applications.

ODM/OEM Experience. Victory began manufacturing alternators as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) in 1966 for Yulon Motor Company (Nissan) in Taiwan. In fact, Victory was also an ODM (original design manufacturer) for Yulon and designed the specifications for all its alternators. Given Taiwan's intense heat, humidity and traffic conditions, Victory's alternators had to be designed and manufactured to the most rigorous specifications. Therefore, we have developed extensive experience in the research, development and manufacturing of high reliability alternators. Victory has produced over 30 originally designed alternator models and has been an ODM/OEM for a wide variety of applications.

Aftermarket Experience. Victory expanded into the alternator aftermarket in 1991 and was one of the early pioneers in marketing brand new, OE quality alternators in the aftermarket. We specialize in manufacturing import type alternators. Victory's initial aftermarket sales began in Taiwan and the United States, but soon expanded to include Australia, Asia and Europe. Because of Victory's expertise in the ODM/OEM market, Victory's in-plant inspection and market fault rate are among the lowest in the aftermarket, making us a leader in aftermarket quality.

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